Monday, May 7, 2012


Difference between Java AWT and SWING
1. AWT(Abstract Window Toolkit) is a heavy weight but Swing is a light weight.

2. Swing feel and look better than AWT components.

3. Swing is a pure java components but AWT native components.

4. AWT not have complex components but Swing has additional components like JTable, JProgressBar, JSlider, JTree etc.

5. Applet list has scrollbar but Swing JList does not support scrolling but this can be done using scrollPane.

6. Applet not support MDI(multiple document interface) window but Swing support MDI.

7. Applet default layout is FlowLayout but Swing default layout is BorderLayout.

8. AWT menu item cannot have images or radio buttons or checkboxes but Swing menu item can have images or radio buttons or checkboxes.

9. AWT do not have JMV(Java Model Viewport) but All swing components have JMV.

10. In AWT, components can be added directly on the Frame or window but in Swing while adding components on Frame or window, they have to be added on its content pane.

11. Swing has more powerful and flexible components than AWT.

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