Monday, May 7, 2012

Applets vs Applications - How Applets Differ From Applications

Java Applets and Java applications have many similarities but there are some differences between applets and applications.
1. Applets not use main() method but applications have main() method.

2. Applets execute in web browser or it embedded with web browser but java applications execute normally.

3. Applets are small programs to do specific task but applications are large programs.

4. Applets must extends java.applet.Applet class but java applications start execution with main() method.

5. Applets can not use libraries from other languages such as C or C++ but applications supports this by native methods.

6. Applet can not run independently. It run in webpage but application runs independently.

7. Applets not able to read or write files from local computer but applications can do such task.

8. Applets can not communicate with other servers on the network.

9. Applets have a life cycle with init(), start(), stop(), paint(), destroy() methods but applications not have such methods.

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