Thursday, February 23, 2012

What is Dofollow and Nofollow Links?

What is Dofollow link?

Dofollow is a default value of anchor tag(<a>) rel attribute. It is a link building technique. It is used for back linking purpose. Back linking means how many incoming links to your website. It helps to increase your Google page rank. It is also for optimizing search engine.

Example to make a dofollow link:-
In anchor tag no need to specify dofollow value of rel attribute. Default anchor tag is dofollow type.
<a href=””>Sample Examples</a>

Importance of rel attribute of Anchor tag:-
rel attribute is used to specify relationship between linked document to current document.

<a rel="value">

What is Nofollow link?

It is a HTML anchor tag <a> rel attribute value. It tells to search engine that particular link should not follow by search engine index. When a link with nofollow then it's not impact on search engine index. Basically make nofollow link for paid links.
To make a nofollow link, essential to write nofollow value of rel attribute of HTML anchor tag.

Example to make a nofollow link
<a href="" rel="nofollow">Sample Examples</a>

Hope, you get difference between dofollow and nofollow links.


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